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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Brotherhood of the Rope

There's a phrase that most mountain climbers clearly understand.  It's known as  "The Brotherhood of the Rope."  It describes that bond, confidence and mutual reliance on one another that happens when climbers are roped together during their ascent.

There's a special sense that at that moment they need each other, that they have each others' backs and that making it to the top will be easier and better when they work together.

Brotherhood or working with others is essential for any mountain we're facing. There's something energizing and empowering when we climb with others.

Those fellow climbers may be relatives, church friends, neighbors or others facing the same personal mountain we're facing.  But it's important that we seek them out, tell our story and begin the climb together.  We may feel like we don't want others to know our struggle but don't go it alone.

Yes, in climbing circles there are solo climbers, some who even free climb without ropes. And sadly, many of them are dead. Sure there's nothing wrong with taking on a real mountain by yourself but most would tell you it's ultimately very dangerous.  It's rarely worth the risk.

So perhaps you are facing your new personal mountain for the first time or maybe you've been climbing it awhile. Whatever the case find some people to join you.  Get into a support group, call some friends, share the journey with some fellow strugglers.  God puts people around us for a reason.

And when you get to that next vista on your climb . . . you'll have someone to share it with.  Never quit climbing!

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