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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stop Along The Way During Your Climbs . . . See The Views

I can still remember the moment my son Tim and I reached what's known as the Keyhole on Long's Peak in Colorado. We had climbed boulder after boulder for hours, the altitude starting to take its toll on us Midwesterners.

Nonetheless, we were committed to not only make it to that important milestone but to the summit if at all possible.  However, while you can see the keyhole shaped opening from which that spot gets its name, you can't see beyond it until you're actually standing in it.

And when you take your first peak into that impressive opening the view takes your breath away. You can literally see mountain after mountain for hundreds of miles.  The grandeur of the rock, snow, nearby lake and seemingly unending horizon are awe inspiring. However, the summit is a long way away at that point.  In fact, many people stop there since the hardest actual climbing is still to come.

But it would be a tragedy to not take a break there for at least a few minutes and drink in the beauty.  There was something refreshing and re-filling that the Keyhole view does for those with more climbing to do.

The same will be true as we climb our personal mountains.  It's easy to have our head down, staring at our feet or merely focusing on the challenge of the path before us. But there are some important views and vistas that we should stop and let energize us while we're still on the climb.

There's the beauty of those who are helping us. Take time to appreciate and savor the friendships started or strengthened because of the mountain they're walking up with you.

There's the beauty of progress that has been made.  Sure, it may still be hard but you're climbing, you're still going, you've made it this far.

And there's the beauty of lessons you've learned.  Everyone grows and matures on a mountain in some way.  You have too. You've started to see life more maturely and appreciate the little things in a more special way. Celebrate that.

And no doubt there are scores of other views and beauty that you can enjoy if you'll just stop at the "Keyholes" on your journey and drink them in.  Take a break today and don't miss something you need to see on the way up.

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