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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sometimes We Need To Look At Mountains From Above

Recently Jackie and I were flying back to the U.S. from Moscow. A number of hours into the flight I decided to check the seatback travel locator to see where we were and noticed we were over Greenland. I've made this flight many times before but usually there are too many clouds to see much below.

However, I noticed that people on the right side of the plane were looking out their windows taking pictures. So I quickly headed a few rows to the very back of the plane where I knew there were two small windows. The picture here is one we took and as you can see it took out breath away. The majesty of those mountains from 36,000 feet was amazing and we'll never forget that view.

It reminded me that sometimes we need to have that kind of view when we're slogging our way up our own personal mountain. I don't know if there are many places one can get to in the middle of those mountains we saw but imagine what it might be like. An explorer there might feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of the peaks and the extreme weather that surrounded them.

We can feel the same way on our own journeys. And while we will still have to keep going and endure the rigors of our climb it is usually helpful to see our struggle from another set of eyes, from the airplane view so to speak.

How do we do that?  Well, first, talk to someone who's climbed before you. They can often help you see the big picture in ways you can't and give you some hope that you can make it.

Second, read things from experts who can give you ideas on how to be more successful.  Often they have insights and ideas from their study that can shed light on how you can more effectively finish your climb.

Third, pray. My understanding and experience is that God doesn't necessarily take our mountains away but is more than willing to help us, give us guidance and offer strength and other resources.  But as the Bible says, "we don't have because we don't ask."

All I know is that it's more likely that we'll give up and quit if we only see things from our limited point of view. So if you're feeling overwhelmed because of the challenge of your journey, look up or at least talk to someone who can see things from a higher perspective.  You have be admit the view we saw was pretty amazing.

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