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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Are You Worried About Too Many Things At Once?

My grandson has one of those interactive games that talks back to you as you make your way through varying levels. At one point in the game, the voice responds with. Let's focus on the trouble spot.

When I heard that I thought, "That's something more of us need to do when we're going through hard times, when our emotions may have the best of us and life is overwhelming."  Focus on the trouble spot or at least the one that is causing us the most anguish right now.

So often we have lots of things to worry about on our life journeys and climbs, but it will help if we can give the most attention to the biggest concern and leave the others for awhile. It's part of the idea I've discussed before - climbing our mountains one step at a time.

So what would focusing on the trouble spot look like?  First, it means making sure we've identified the major trouble spot. If you're married you might want to talk about that with a spouse. If you're getting counseling talk about it with your therapist. Or just make a list and see which item is the one you think about most.

Second, once we know what the trouble is, consciously put some of the other things on hold. They may still have influence on your life but just tell yourself and others that you're not going to give them any time or intentional energy right now.

Third, starting learning more about how to deal with the troubling issue. Again you may need outside help but give yourself permission to throw more of what you have at this one thing and deal with it to the best of your ability. You will likely sense that you actually are making progress and that alone will help motivate you to continue with other areas later.

Remember, emotional paralysis is one of the main thing that keeps people from overcoming and winning over the tough things that life throws at them.

So listen to the voice that says to you this week, Let's focus on the trouble spot. It's the voice of truth and remember that Jesus said the truth will set you free.


  1. Gary,
    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and feedback on my blog, http://solonever.wordpress.com. I really appreciate any guidance you can give! and this post of yours really hit home...seems I am growing leaps and bounds right now, and am plum tuckered out!!! I am going to take your advice, and work on focusing on one or two things for a bit...it's been a great 10 months into sobriety and I'm the best me I've ever been so I am blessed (as always!) and grateful.
    Love to you and Jackie!

  2. Glad it was helpful! I am sure your blog will be terrific!

  3. Glad it was helpful! I am sure your blog will be terrific!