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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Don't Forget The Essentials

The other day I went to the workout room at our condo complex as I do several times a week. I wore my usual sweat top and athletic pants as well since the weather was a little chilly.

Upon arriving I started to strip down to a T-shirt and shorts only to find out while removing my pants that I had forgotten to put on my gym shorts. Oops. Fortunately there was no one else there planning to work out or that could have been especially embarrassing.

I had forgotten one of the key components for my workout.

A lot of us also tend to forget key elements that we need when we're climbing our personal mountains.

For example, we can forget to take a good attitude with us each day. A good attitude doesn't mean that we're necessarily happy or smiling all the time. But it does mean that we don't walk around spending our time blaming others for our predicament or demanding that others meet our expectations that day. People will let us down and they don't necessarily stop and look at life through our eyes. They're not always understanding.

Our attitude nonetheless will make a huge difference in how we handle people and unexpected circumstances.

We can also forget to carry with us some faith . . . faith that there is Someone bigger than we are who is also bigger than our mountain.  Faith that something good can come out of our circumstances, faith that we will can be a better person by being challenged the way we are.

We can also forget to think about others.  We can get so focused on our climb that we don't serve or help anyone else. And yet some of our greatest growth will come when we care for other people even during our journey. We can actually heal better if we get the attention off of us and use what we've learned to help another person or family.

So don't go out today to face your mountain without your essentials. Think about how these three that I've suggested might be incorporated into your day. You might just be surprised at what you accomplish or conquer today that you never though was possible. You'll at least avoid some embarrassment!

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