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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sometimes a Little Fire and Heat Are Necessary

Tomorrow my wife and I get on a plane for San Francisco. After a couple of days there we'll drive to Yosemite National Park for a week of anticipated vacation, hiking and picture-taking. The problem is there are wildfires that have currently entered the park and caused hundreds of acres of damage. And while the valley has not had any fire in it per se, there have been days when the winds have blown smoke into the valley covering the beautiful peaks and cliffs.

If that happens while we're there we're going to miss out on the gorgeous views and inspiring hiking and be hugely disappointed.

However, we have to remember something important about what is transpiring there even though the cause of the fire appears to be manmade. Sometimes fire is necessary or at least helpful in the middle of beauty because it provides a natural clearing of materials that will in the long run be harmful, not helpful. Sometimes dead brush begins to pile up on top of the lush ground and will eventually be either a deadly hazard for the next fire or keep the vegetation from growing effectively.

I've seen officials in beautfiul parks in the Midwest light controlled fires to burn away that extra, needless and harmful brush so that the living vegetation can grow as it should.  But for a while, it's not pretty. The charred remains of that brush hardly look appealing or attractive.

That can often be true during our life climbs through illnesses, family challenges and personal struggles. Often there is a fire of sorts that comes out of nowhere. It adds heat, conflict and temporary ugliness to our  lives and may have even been needlessly caused by someone who was careless.

Sometimes . . . not always . . . but yes, sometimes, those fires will be for our own good and will help burn away some of the things holding us back from growing and actually climbing higher.

For example, those fires can burn away false expectations. Sometimes we are still living in past, with an old picture that we're still demanding return when in reality in never will. The fire can help us see a newer picture again and let go of returning to day that are gone.

Fires can burn away our distractions. Often we become obsessed with getting even, getting healed, returning to the past or finding an answer to "why."  But those things are usually keeping us from focusing on the present where we need to be to continue climbing well and moving forward.

Fires can also burn away unhealthy emotions. Some of us are still living with anger, despair and panic about things that can't be changed.  When we let some of the emotions go along with the reasons for them we can start climbing more freely and minus a great deal of weight that we've been carrying around.  We can see God again in our circumstances and trust him for new expectations, a new picture and new emotions.

So, are there some fires burning in your Yosemite?  Try to put them out, perhaps, but let them do the good things they can do. It will help you to keep climbing higher and better.

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