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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Encouragement and Hope From a Sleddog!

My wife Jackie and I recently took an eleven-day trip to Alaska celebrating our thirty-fifth anniversary. It was an awesome vacation with the mountain views and other incredible experiences even better than we expected.

But one of our favorite memories was visiting a training and trip site for Alaskan huskies. Some of these dogs had actually run in some of the big races like the Iditarod while others were born there and had to learn how to pull a sled.

As our group arrived the dogs were all sitting on or near their dog houses, scores of them, resting and waiting for us to come pet them. And once the narrator said it's time to "meet the dogs," they all stood up, got off their houses and got ready to meet the folks.  We had a love fest with them for the next 15 minutes or so.

But after our friendship time the leaders did a demonstration with the dogs pulling a sled and chose certain ones to be a part of it.  It was amazing to watch them as they got hooked up to the team. They simply couldn't wait to run. They barked and pulled and jumped up and down.

We were told that the urge to run was what kept the dogs going. Apparently the more they run the more strength they build. In fact we saw the same energy in several teams that did demos for us throughout the trip.  And what we didn't know is that all Alaskan huskies are mutts!

I found myself thinking about how important that urge to keep going is to  climbing mountains of all kinds. We need something within us - faith, encouragement and positive attitude for example - to help us take the next step, get to the next part of the trailhead on our climb and not get stuck.

Perhaps you're feeling sluggish, tired, discouraged or whatever as you face your personal mountain. Don't stop, don't quit. Anticipate being the Huskie selected to be part of the team to pull the sled. You're important.  You don't have to pull alone but don't miss the chance to make it the next part of your journey. The more you pull, the more you keep going, the stronger you will get, especially emotionally.

Keep running and keep climbing!

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