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Saturday, August 27, 2011

You Live Longer In The Mountains!

A recent study suggests that living in the mountains can cause you to live longer (http://bit.ly/iiIYRF). I'm not surprised. There's always something that happens in me when I'm in the mountains and climbing that is invigorating and renewing.

And yes there are others who can tell you more about the scientific reasons and accompanying studies. But let me suggest a couple of very practical benefits toward longer life that take place whether we're climbing rock and granite or the mountains that life brings us.

First, we are reminded that there is something, yes in my thinking someONE, who is bigger than we are. People of faith are usually more hopeful. That doesn't mean (though a few extremists suggest it does) that life is always great or without problems for those who believe in God. Rather, knowing that we were made for a purpose and that our Creator actually cares makes a difference in how we view our existence.

Second, in the mountains we tend to slow down more. Life can be hectic anywhere but when we go to higher altitudes the pace tends to back off. When we're on a trail or wall we don't have to dodge cars, answer texts and talk to more than a few people if any. That time to ponder, to put aside the urgent and to re-focus can lower tension and anxiety which no doubt helps lifespan.

Third, when we climb we accomplish something of significance. Sure, it may not matter to some but it's a big deal to us for a reason. And every person longs to do something important and when we do we look at ourselves and life and the everyday things differently.  When we've taken on something big we know the next time that there is hope to do the same.

Finally, in the mountains we meet fellow climbers. I've always enjoyed connecting with people on the trail to share a brief story or experience and even to continue climbing together. The same is true while climbing life's mountains. That's why support groups work for most people. We need to have people who have walked the trail before us or who will climb with us.

So, wherever you live, get to the mountains all you can. And whatever mountain you're climbing be encouraged that the climb will have many benefits, maybe even that of living a bit longer on this earth. That's worth something isn't it?

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