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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Place Of Risk When You're Climbing

We were at a zoo recently and became quite amused watching a young giraffe trying to eat next to its mother. The two animals were under a high feeding perch which the mother could nibble from quite easily.

The baby however was only tall enough to barely lick the bottom of the container. It couldn't really get anything nourishing but it kept trying!  If it were just a little bit taller.

I also remember being at the sport climbing gym watching all these terrific (and younger) climbers who could reach holds and climb routes that I couldn't. Now and then I would try to do what they did but it simply didn't happen.  I was a little like that baby animal, thinking and hoping that today I could be like them.

Now is there anything wrong with trying or practicing more or getting better?  Of course not. We ought to grow and to grow we'll need to take some risks and reach beyond our usual limits. But sometimes we need to accept where we are and what we can do for the moment.

This is especially applicable when we're climbing our own personal mountains. We watch others, see their progress or watch the steps they take or holds they can pull off and wonder why we can't do the same.  And if a nudge or some incentive is all we need then, sure, use that to improve.

But sometimes they're just taller, better or father along and we'll need to wait for awhile until we can go where they go. Like that baby giraffe we will grow and someday eat just like mama.  But for now we may need to find another place for success, a different form of progress than others enjoy.

And when we do, we will go forward, we will keep climbing and we will get farther up the mountain. Reach high, go for the top, but remember it's OK to stay within your limits.

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