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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hurts From Our Past Can Surprise Us, But Don't Panic

Years ago my mother-in-law was in a bad car accident. The woman in the other car actually died while my mother-in-law hit the windshield of her car. This was in the days when seat belts weren't even an idea. Thankfully Joyce lived and wasn't maimed for life but she did go to the hospital where they had to pull shards of glass out of her face.

However, she has said numerous times that years later a piece of glass that was buried where no one could see it would work its way to the surface of her skin. And it was painful! It didn't cause any further damage but it was a reminder of the accident and caused some temporary pain that she had not planned on.

In the same way, we can find hurts of our past that rise to the surface when we least expect them. An event, a song, a holiday or some other memory or event can shoot some unplanned and certainly undesired pain into our world where we though we had healed.

The bad news is that we'll have to re-live some of our past for a moment, day or season. The good news is that like my mother-in-law's glass shard that reappeared it won't kill us or do major damage. We have to accept it, face it, work through it and then move on knowing we'll be OK.

Suggestions: Don't panic. Keep it in perspective and understand that it's just a little hurt that happens to others during hard times like we've been through. Talk to someone. While it isn't likely a big deal, our minds can get the best of us and make us think it is. So work through it with another set of eyes and listening ear.

Pray. God knows all about the deepest places in our souls and has not missed this most recent resurfacing of our past. He can help you to bring the important healthy and healing perspective you need at the moment.

Finally, keep moving. One little piece of glass has no right to stop or paralyze you. So do what you need to do, keep living life and soon the pain will subside. You're not going crazy and this too shall pass. You're still climbing, remember, and the view from the top is worth it!


  1. Wow. Excellent advice and an apt analogy. We all have shards of glass that take a bite out of us when we had no reason to expect it. Thanks for the reminder that while the shard was once part of a much larger source of pain, This Pain is small and isolated.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to respond and for the encouraging thoughts. Glad it was a little bit helpful.