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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Small Things Can Make All The Difference on a Climb

When I first changed the name of our site and blog to Never Quit Climbing, I would periodically type it wrong and it came out Never Quite Climbing. Thankfully I saw my error each time before I published something embarrassing.

However, that would have been an unfortunate result had I missed my mistake, right? One little added letter would have totally altered the intent from a very strong and motivating challenge to a pretty lame motto.

Unfortunately, it's often those little things that we add to or omit from our life climbs that can also change everything.

For example, adding a great attitude is huge. Being positive, staying thankful and encouraging others along the way keep us from getting paralyzed and defeating by the size of our task. For one thing people with great attitudes find a lot more people who want to travel the journey with them. Bad attitudes generally send good people away.

Second, add some humor to your journey. Sure, being funny all the time can be a form of denial but some laughs now and then can help. Watch some fun stuff online, go to a comedy club or just laugh with friends. Even make a little fun of yourself and how you react at times.

Third, omit big decisions. When you're exhausted and overwhelmed emotionally is not a good time to decide on something significant like moving, marrying or changing jobs unless circumstances like an employment issue dictate it.  Let others help you think those kinds of options through before you even move forward a little bit.  They can usually see things you do not.  Big choices can sometimes be a form of painkilling that can have more harmful effects than helpful ones.

Fourth, think about adding some prayer and other spiritual input into your life. Maybe you've not been much of a religious person up until now. Think about starting, getting a taste of what it means to connect with God who loves and understands you. If your former experiences weren't good try something new and different. There are lots of churches out there that are very different from what you grew up with.

You see, sometimes the smallest little actions or decisions can make a big difference down the road. Think about what that could look like for you this week.

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