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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Even Food Is Better In The Mountains!

Where have you had some of your most memorable meals? Your favorite steak place? The restaurant of a world-renowned chef? As part of an exotic cruise? A huge family holiday dinner? Those kinds of places hold great memories for me too but they're not the best ones.

My favorite meals have generally been lunches . . . eaten on the slopes or summit of a mountain. The meal wasn't fancy by normal standards . . . a sandwich, nuts, fruit and chocolate perhaps. The beverage was usually water or Gatorade. But it was all wonderful. Partly, yes, because the exertion made most anything taste good. Nevertheless, it wasn't the food that I remember most. It was always the view.

I've often hiked or climbed with one or both of my kids and sometimes my wife. And we still say that we've had lunch in some of the most beautiful places in the world. That's what we remember. While we ate the food we drank in the scenery. It's one of the reasons I love the mountains. Little stirs the soul and fills you with energy like the majestic, typically unending scenery in the Rockies, Alps or your favorite mountain region. Not enough people enjoy experiences like this especially when they are climbing their own personal mountains.

Even in hardships we can stop and enjoy beauty that will help give new perspective, connect us with God and refresh our attitude. We need a new setting when we're going through rough times and if it's possible we need to take some time, get out of our struggle for a day and eat a meal up high whether it's alone or with others. And if we can't go up, go out to some special place of beauty.

And while studies show the importance of family mealtimes, I'm convinced that every family needs to have a few meals together above treeline. We would be wise to simplify our lives, lower our demand for more stuff and serve up a few lunches that have views we will never forget.

You may not remember what you had to eat but you'll never forget what you saw. And you'll likely return home filled up with much more than food.

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