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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who Do You Have Around You During Your Challenges?

If you use the computer at all you have received a warning at some point that sounds a little like this: Make sure that all attachments you open are from a worthy or reliable source.  And there's good advice there because attachments in the cyberspace world can cause lots of damage to an otherwise fine computer, right?

Well, the same is true when it comes to relationships, especially during our times of struggle, when we're climbing through life on a very steep path. We need to be careful about those we attach ourselves to or we'll find that they take more from us than they give.

Who are those potentially dangerous, life-draining people?

The first may be a close relative. Now of course, we need family and great family members can be a wonderful encouragement and practical help through our illness, grieving or other life struggle. But often those closest to us can also be more of a burden than a help. The one who constantly wants to fix us or take care of us inappropriately or tell us what to do all the time. You must be willing to ask them to back off and see that they take up less and less of your time and thinking.

Another may be a fellow climber. The person who has been where you've been can be a tremendous help because they often understand what you've been through. However, sometimes they too think they are now an "expert" on your issues and they think they should become your mentor, colleague and confidante about all things related to your climb.

A third may be a so-called expert. Your doctor, pastor, priest, psychologist and the like all have the potential to offer significant expertise and care but they too can become your "god," the one you worship and follow no matter what they say.

You get the idea. Yes, we must glean as much as we can from people who can bring wisdom, insight and passion to us when we need it most. But we must also be careful to not let these and others end up causing more angst and stealing more energy from us through their inappropriate and unwise counsel and demands.  When it's all said and done, your best decisions will come from those you make with the counsel of God.

Remember, only reliable attachments should be opened!

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