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Friday, July 13, 2012

Whose Name Is Most Important?

On a recent day off my wife and I were walking around two large outlet malls near Austin. And while I'm sure I've seen them before, I couldn't help but notice this time how many stores and their products focused on one name: Guess, Prada, Gucci, Coach, Liz Claborne, Polo . . . the list is long.

And of course there is nothing wrong with wanting quality and nice things but I saw scores of people go into each store willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for items that they could have bought comparable ones for somewhere else for far less money.

It was pretty evident that they were willing to spend their hard earned resources largely because of the name.

Let's face it, a name matters. There's something powerful and fulfilling about having a name that people respect, value and honor when they hear it. It certainly helps when you're trying to sell something. But far more important is that we live our lives in a way that our name elicits the same kind of positive response.

How does that happen? Well first, we do our best to be people of integrity. We don't cut corners, we have each other's backs, we don't live our lives merely for our own personal gain. We do what is right in the little things and when no one else is looking.

Second, we add value to the lives of others. We try to make them look good, we do what we can to help them be successful and we let others brag on us, not ourselves. We look for opportunity to serve others and give them credit for doing well.

Third, we do what we do with excellence. If we sell a product, write a blog or provide a service people must know that we do it all well. We send the message that we want them to return again because what we gave them was something they desire more of in the future.

Remember, it takes a long time to build up a name, develop a reputation. But as we see almost weekly in the news, it only takes a moment to ruin one. Be sure you're concentrating on celebrating the right name. And then make it one that people will remember, respect and revisit.

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