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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Distraction Can Be Deadly

I was coming home from church today and drove my usual route through our condo complex headed to our place. However, about three buildings down from where we live I saw a beautiful (at least it had been) BMW automobile smashed into some support blocks near another unit. The blocks were scattered all over the street and the front end of the car was demolished. The car would need to be towed.

As I turned around to go find out what had happened, I saw a young girl inside next to the blown airbag. She was crying and holding her hands in her head. I asked her if she was alright and she seemed to be physically fine, but her emotions were a mess.

I asked her what had happened and she simply said, "I'm so sorry, I was texting."

We've all heard and  hopefully heeded the many warnings and public service announcements about texting and driving. I'm sure this young lady wishes she had listened better. But this blog isn't about texting. It's about being distracted.

Distractions take lots of forms but they are all potentially harmful. We can get distracted from the things that really matter in life and which truly count by a lot of things: getting more stuff, complaining about life, selfishness, living in the past, accomplishments, status . . . make your own list. It can be pretty long.

And when the least important things take precedence and we get distracted by them because we've given them greater importance than they deserve people get hurt. Our families suffer, our spouses suffer and we suffer.  We miss out on special moments that we could have enjoyed. We don't progress and overcome the challenges of life. And we spend countless amounts of time and energy on things that really don't amount to much in the end.

What's distracting you these days?  Who's paying the price as a result?  You can change things, you know. Start focusing on what really matters. Put down your phone while driving, yes. But put aside those things that you need to keep your eye on in life, too. Remember, distractions can be deadly.


  1. “Distractions take lots of forms but they are all potentially harmful.” – Absolutely! Driving is not a simple thing that you must take for granted. Driving needs great attention. Always keep your eye on the road and gear yourself up. Fortunately, she did not hit another car and hurt anyone else, and she was totally fine. I hope she learned something from this incident, and that she has a car insurance. That’s a total wreck! ->Nannie Leick

  2. Oh my! This should be a lesson to her and to others. Texting or answering a phone can wait. Or if it can't, at least stop the car and attend to it. This is just one of the many distractions around. Driving may be easy for many but this doesn't excuse any one from getting into accidents. Thank goodness she's fine and no one's hurt. I just hope she had health and auto insurance. Take care!

    Cheryl Bush @CWC Law Firm