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Monday, August 6, 2012

Live Like You Were Dying

I spoke a couple of days ago at the funeral of a friend who passed away at 52. He obviously left his family and friends way too soon.  And of course we've all been reminded, sometimes inappropriately,  that life could end any moment, any day. The issue isn't really how old we are but how many days do we have left.

But this week I was reminded as I thought about my friend Don and heard the many comments about his life that people really can live with the eternal and important in view. Don certainly did. I only wish that I could hear the phrase "servant heart" at my funeral as many times as I heard it at his.

Don didn't have an easy life. Yes, he had a wonderful wife, great kids to cherish and numerous talents. But he also had enough rocky roads to keep him focused on his own stuff most of the time. But instead he was known for serving and helping others. In fact the day he died he was assisting a friend in the hot sun.

He lived like he was dying, so that when the day came, he would have a full life doing the things that mattered.

Some, however, would say that thinking this way is just morbid. Why ponder the fact that we might die early?  But the reality is that when we embrace the possibility our life could end today we start to actually live accomplishing the things that really matter and hopefully for a long time!

Where do you start? Well, there are unique trails we all can take but here are a few suggestions. Spend regular time with your kids. No, not just being a taxi driver or spectator, but enjoying something together, being spontaneous and doing things no one else does.

If you are married , do the same with your spouse. Don't abandon each other for eighteen or twenty years while kids are around.

Serve others. When we give of our time, talents and resources to someone else our life takes on new meaning and significance like never before.

So are you truly living or instead living like you are dying? The latter is the best!

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