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Monday, September 3, 2012

Helping Others In Crisis Helps You Too

I've never been physically paralyzed in any way and hope I never will. The closest feeling might be that of having my arm or leg fall asleep but of course it soon returned to normal.

But there have been times when I've felt paralyzed emotionally and I'll bet you have too. This feeling is especially rampant after or while we're going through a crisis. We don't want to move, to try anything challenging or reach out to anyone. Some stay in bed, others become couch potatoes while another group find solace in the bottle or more sex or harder work.

But they all are emotionally paralyzed. They really don't accomplish much and spend most of their time wallowing in their pain. Could that possibly describe you right now?

Yes, we do need time during crisis to slow down, to reprogram, find true north again and work through our pain with a competent counsel or minister, we don't need to succumb to full paralysis.   In fact, that hurts us more and keeps us from growing, healing and moving ahead.

So what do we do?  Well, one suggestion is to serve others. Yes, reach out to someone else in need and begin to focus on their situation, their struggle and their needs. When we serve others we take the focus a bit off of our pain. We begin to discover that others are hurting too. We start to get new life and energy breathed into us as we walk through a struggle with another person.

Perhaps you can start small. Try just being present with someone who's gone through a hard period of time. Give a little money to help someone out. Go serve at a local ministry, non-profit or church.

Ideally, find something that either uses what you have learned from your experiences or your own personal struggle. If you care for someone with similar needs to yours you will share with them in ways the rest of us never could. You'll begin to see some purpose and meaning in your trials and discover that God hasn't given up on you either.

So don't stay in your emotional wheelchair.  You're not paralyzed and starting to live with that understanding could change everything - including you!

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