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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Will To LIve Is Powerful When We're Hurting

This past week or so a man apparently spent a cold, wet night in the treacherous waters off of the Alaskan coast.  All he had was a survival suit and a small raft or boat. It had to be the worst night of his life. He was stranded for well over twenty-four hours. But he made it. He survived but he needed some will power, a reason to live.

You may be in your own storm waters right now and feeling like it would be easier to just give up. Don't. There are reasons to keep going.  First of all, your family needs you.  You may not think so but they do. Many survivors tell stories of thinking the whole time they are struggling thinking about the day they see their spouse or kids again. Do the same thing. They matter and would miss you terribly if you're not around.

Second, God still has a purpose for you. Yes, even if your life a mess and your capabilities have dwindled you still have a purpose for being here. There are people only you can help or get to know. Your life experiences may be what they need to help them get up the trail or to the shore. I met a woman recently who had lost both of her legs below the knee because of health problems that led to gangrene.

But she is anticipating and talking about volunteering in the very hospital where she has been going through rehab.  There is no one better than her to help someone else who may have a similar journey ahead of them.

Third, you gain strength and energy from giving your best. The more you fight, the more you serve others, the more you determine not to quit the more power you will gain to live well, to make a difference and to fully live life the way it was intended.  This hard time is molding you and scraping off the rough edges.  Don't miss out on the moments you have ahead of you to be stronger than ever, at least emotionally and as a person if not physically.

So, remember, if you feel like you're in the middle of an ocean or mountain storm, determine to go on. Call on your God, your faith and your deepest of personal strength to persevere.  It will be worth it.

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