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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Being There When A Fellow Struggler Needs You

I don't know if you're a Bible reader or not but there's a helpful and interesting picture in the New Testament. Jesus is nearing the time when he is to be crucified so he and three of his disciples head off to what's known as the Garden of Gethsemane to pray.

However, it's interesting to note that gardens were not commonplace in a city like Jerusalem where space was no doubt at a premium. This garden was not a Central Park, but was more likely someone's private olive garden that they had made accessible to Jesus.

There was also someone who gave him a donkey to ride into the city on a week before and someone else who offered him the upper room where the disciples met for the famous Last Supper.  I'm sure Jesus was immensely thankful and appreciative for nameless friends who came alongside him during the time of his greatest need.

There are people in crisis, climbing steep mountains, all around us who need nameless friends who will come alongside them as well.  We may be a listener, drive the car, bring food, make a phone call now and then or literally walk with them through part of their journey.

Whatever the scenario they need us. They may not think they do but they do.  If there's anyone who really didn't "need" others in the big picture sense it was Jesus.  However, the human part of him was like the human part of us - he valued and even longed for the care of others.

We of course can't push or pressure or cajole others into taking our help but we can offer it. We can look for ways to simply be there, to provide something at just the right time or give some of our resources as needed. If we've been through their journey or a similar one we'll know even better what they need.

Whatever the case, look for someone today, this week, this month who you might come next to to love, encourage and listen to as they climb their personal mountain. I'm confident that they will walk a bit taller and stronger and you will somehow be better too.

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