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Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Always Good To Consider The Cost When Climbing

Most of us like to find things on sale, don't we? Just today I bought sixty dollars worth of clothing for a little over ten dollars. I love when that happens. So do you I would bet.

However, there are some stores where even the sale price is still too much. It's then that I know I'm probably in the wrong place.

Sometimes when we're climbing through life we can think that the sale price of a decision or action is reasonable when in the end it's still too much.

For example, we're grieving the lost of a loved one and yet we think or have been persuaded that it's time for us to move forward in some area.

We're confident that enough time has passed and we'll be alright to try this new relationship or make a huge purchase or take on a new level of responsibility. And yet if we're not ready that choice may cost us more than we anticipated.

Or we're struggling through another phase of our illness and friends have told us we're ready for a trip anyway, that we need a break and should get away.  Maybe they went through similar circumstances and it was really helpful to them. And yet you go ahead and try the vacation and you're miserable. Why?  Because the cost of that action was different than it was for them. Your situation simply isn't the same.

It's important whether we're climbing on granite or through life that we remember our pace does not have to equal the pace of another. I know that on a climb I'm going to be slower than the young people and that if I expend too much energy early on I won't make it to the summit. We must know our limits and abilities in life as well so that we can afford the price of our climb.

While the sale may look good and have worked for someone else, it may not be that great of a deal for you. Don't get caught by what looks like a great bargain only to find out you had to pay dearly later and the discount wasn't even close to being worth it.

Yes, there are some life deals out there that really are worth considering. You really might be ready for that next step, new venture or big lifestyle change.  But before you make a major decision or tackle that next part of your climb, talk to wise people, experts, your doctor, a counselor . . . anyone who might add some insight and help you see any red flags that you need to see.

As an old commercial used to say, "You can pay me now or pay me later."  Paying later when we least expect it is rarely a good idea.

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