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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Power of Remembering Our Last Summit

Climbing will at some point be hard for most people. If it's not ever hard then perhaps we're not stretching our abilities and attempting challenges bigger than we are. When it comes to life's mountains though we don't usually get a choice. They usually just start hard.

And while the journey and climb will probably be overwhelming at times and more than we can bear, there is something that can keep us motivated to continue. It's remembering our last success, the latest summit. It's going back in our minds to the moment we stood on top of that mountain, looked at the view and embraced the accomplishment and the moment it gave us.

There was a practice that God gave the Jewish people in the Old Testament.  Now and then he told them to build a monument using twelve large stones to remind them of something special He had done for them at that spot. It was their remembrance that with His help they could get through something just as difficult again.

We need to have those summit experiences as the monuments in our minds that keep us going when the new climb gets difficult. It wouldn't be all bad to just carry a picture from a previous climb. Or in the case of a life climb, we can get our pictures from the words of a friend, talking about our last success or even a momento with a few words on it that remind you that you'll make it.

Whatever works for you, do some remembering. Go back periodically and write or talk about those summits you've done. Do a blog if you're so inclined. I know one author who carries a small toy around with him wherever he goes. Others wear a cross, some carry a card with a helpful motto on it. There are scores of ways to easily remember what you've done and which will motivate you to continue even when you're feeling pretty bad.

Remember to remember. It may be part of your climbing gear and lifeline that gets you to the top.

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