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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sometimes We Need To Encourage Ourselves

The other day our almost 2 and 1/2 year old grandson was doing something that his parents were trying to teach him to do - draw, pick up after himself, something like that, I don't remember. However, at one point he just turned to the rest of us and said, "Good job me."

Of course we all laughed because he was so unbelievably cute at that moment.

But it made me think that now and then we probably need to say the same things about ourselves especially when we've taken some major steps up our personal mountain. No, I'm not talking about being blatantly arrogant or obnoxiously self-centered.

However, there is a place for "good job me" now and then. Why?

First of all, sometimes we don't get many strokes from other people. Whether we're overcoming cancer or a crevasse we may not have many people around us who verbally encourage us to keep going. People are often caught up in their own struggle or just don't think about how we might need a kind word or two.

Second, we're going to face a lot of negative thoughts and responses on our journey. We need some positive feedback and that can include our own. We need to be reminded now and then that we truly have made some progress.

Third, many of us don't think much of our abilities so a good word from us helps to reshape our view of ourselves and motivate us on to higher heights. Sometimes we may need to remind ourselves of the way God and others really think of us and now and then it doesn't hurt to say it ourselves.

So what might our self-talk look or sound like? It should be simple, honest, short and sweet. Don't spend hours talking about you or you will become arrogant. Just a simple, Way to go, Don, might be enough. You might write it down in a journal so you have some moments to go back and savor. It sometimes helps to have a phrase that you regularly say to yourself over and over. Come up with one that is memorable and helpful to you.

Whatever you do, don't let some sort of misguided humility keep you from saying a few words to yourself that could change your outlook on life and your circumstances.  Yes, don't be afraid to talk to yourself. It really has some pretty major benefits and will help you get to the top.

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