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Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't Stay Hurting Just Because of Fear

My wife and I were watching our two-and-a-half year old grandson Liam today and while we were crossing a parking lot to the playground he fell and scraped both knees a bit. It was a typical fall and the scrapes weren't too bad at all.

After we picked him up and got to the playground he was fine and played for awhile. However in the car he mentioned that his knees hurt, likely starting to sting a little, so my wife said she would clean his scrapes off when we got home. To which he replied, "Don't clean them, I want to stay hurt."

Whew! How many times have I in so many words heard those same thoughts from people in crisis or pain from their past. Don't ask me to change or get better. I'd rather just live in my hurt. 

Why won't some people climb higher and walk out of the valley of their dysfunction, pain or terrible circumstances? I think most of the time it's about fear. Fear of making a mistake, letting others down or just facing the unknown. They often don't know how to live any other way so it's easy just to stay put.

Don't live there if that represents you. It's time to get climbing and not stay hurt anymore. Yes, there are unknowns but trust me staying the same and where you are is not the answer.

First, get some help. Ask someone to counsel, mentor or just come alongside you as you take those first steps toward health, healing or restoration. It's always easier to walk uphill with someone at your side.

Second, say goodbye to the past. Literally hear yourself saying the words, Past hurts and circumstances, you have no right control my life so I will not let you control me or my progress for one more minute.  God certainly never intended for us to be run by people, events and challenges that have come into our lives. He wants to help you live in freedom, not dependency.

Third, commit to some first or next steps. Literally write down what you're going to do next to start up the hill of your climb and to get on with life. Remember happiness is a choice or as one writer put it, Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional.


  1. This is great! I have been guilty of this and I see so many that just stop in their tracks of grief. It is sad.

  2. Thanks for reading and the encouraging comments!