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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sometimes Getting Started Is The Hardest

I was flying recently and as we readied for take off I noticed the young girl across the center aisle with her coat over her face. The jet raced down the runway and took off beautifully. I love to fly so every trip is still pretty exciting for me.

However, within seconds of leveling off the woman's coat went back into her lap. I looked again her way and she just smiled. "Not real big on flying?" I asked. She responded, "Well, I don't mind the flight part I just don't like taking off."

That same feeling is true of many people facing a mountain in their personal world. They know they need to take some first or next steps but it's scary to get started. The take off is the worst part.

So what can you do if you're feeling a bit paralyzed or fearful about starting out?

First, remember that lots of people just like you have done this before and survived. Just as thousands fly on planes every day and arrived safely, so have people taken on mountains like yours.

Second, by starting out you don't have to take on the whole mountain. Climbing always takes place one step at a time. It's like dieting, exercise or any other new venture those first steps are the hardest and most important. Set out a short and realistic goal or plan out just the next thing you need to do and do it.

Third, get someone else to encourage and even walk with you.  On real mountains climbing alone is rarely wise. The same is true of life mountains. Find a friend who will at least help you make it to the trailhead and get going.

Finally, remember the goal. As we say about mountains the view from the top is worth it. Don't forget what it is you need to overcome, how much better life will be when you do make it and the impact your overcoming will have on others. Ask yourself what the cost will be if you DO NOT start.

Fear doesn't need to paralyze you. In fact, it has no right to do that. So overcome it. Go down the runway or head up the trail. Get started. Usually that's one of the hardest parts.

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