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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Improving Your "Serve" When You're Hurting Will Serve You Well.

Do you know anybody who seems paralyzed by their circumstances?  No, they're usually not really paralyzed but they live that way. They are so overwhelmed and burdened by what has happened to them that they become mired in the quick sand of the events that seemingly changed their lives. They have lost their motivation to do much of anything much less do something for someone else.

It is though they took their worth and purpose, placed it on a silver platter and handed it to someone else to care for.  Maybe you're someone like this.

If so, there is hope for you. But you'll have to look beyond the comfort of your home and the safety of sitting around doing nothing.

The hope will come from a place you might least expect it: serving someone else. 

When we decide to serve others several good things happen. First of all, we begin to realize that we aren't the only person around hurting or struggling. We see that we're not alone and we often find someone who can speak into us as well and provide encouragement and strength.

Second, we see clearly that we do have something to offer others. Our experiences can often be the journey up the trail that someone else needs to help them make it. The fact that we have been there can encourage another person and convince them that yes they too can make it.

Third, we get our eyes off our personal issues. Sure the struggle will still be there but it doesn't own most of our time, thinking, and activities. We control our problems better when we enter into those of others.

So, do you want to get better? Think about improving your serve. Start now. Start today. And don't quit.

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