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Monday, February 4, 2013

Please Climb Responsibly . . . Uh, Yeah?

Have you seen that little phrase on certain food packaging now that says Please eat responsibly.  I'm picturing the people who don't eat responsibly . . . are they eating pieces of lead or grass from the lawn or what?  Do they chow down every day on paper, school glue and mouthwash right out of the bottle?  I doubt it.

Sure, we might not eat as wisely as we should but irresponsible eating seems a bit over the top.

It seems obvious what responsible eating is.  It should just come naturally. Even my one-year-old grandson, while he could pick up something he shouldn't have and swallow it, knows how to eat a lot of right things on his own.

However, in life we can eat irresponsibly in one sense.  It's when we ingest certain things that aren't healthy and won't help us heal, grow or reach our personal summit. Let me warn you about a few.

Don't digest the unhelpful advice of others.  Too many people want to tell you that their way is the only way. They have been in your shoes, had your illness or whatever and want to get you to follow their exact steps in overcoming. Of course, pull out anything that might be helpful but don't feel like you need to have the whole meal deal from them. It probably won't work the same way for you.

Second, don't eat the it's not really that bad syndrome.  We all like to think that it's other people who have the problems or that our symptoms are merely the result of some small little thing that can be easily remedied or that we've already dealt with. Remember that true health comes not from getting rid of symptoms but by healing the tumor or condition within that needs attention.  There is no shame in facing our own weaknesses.  That's usually the only way of restoring relationships and becoming truly healthy.

Third, don't feast on pity, regret and the rest of the past. We can learn from the past and should but we can't change it. Today is what it is - period. We can spend a lot of energy wishing for things to be different when we could use that energy to make things in the future different!  That's why we need to keep climbing, to not give up and to take ownership for our part of the situation and change it.

So yes, like the commercial says, when it comes to your personal life please eat responsibly even if it includes a little dessert.

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