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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Everyone's Capable of Falling

My wife was recently in the hospital for some unexpected gall bladder surgery.  However, when she got back to her room I noticed among the assortment of security bracelets she was given, she was wearing a bright yellow one with the words FALL RISK on it. Because she had had anesthesia she was going to be a bit wobbly for a while so everyone around her got a warning. Good idea.

It might be a good idea however if we all wore one of those bracelets all the time to remind us all that we too are always capable of falling. We too are at risk.

We may have had a personal mountain to climb or be on one made of granite but we're all capable of falling. We may think that our youth or resources or confidence or even faith trumps all stumbles but none of them are guarantees.

We would all be wise to do all we can to prepare for the possibility of a fall. Should we live terrorized or in fear all the time?  Of course not. Should we never take any risks because we might go down? Never.

But we must never get cocky thinking that somehow our skills or whatever will keep us from the worst. What does that mean in our climbing?

First, it means we climb as well-prepared as possible. We take what we need for the kind of climb we're on. We take all the "gear" we need including things that we'll need in an emergency. You'll need to decide what that is or talk to some experts depending upon whether you climb is cancer, divorce, job loss or the Matterhorn.

Second, we surround ourselves with the people we need with us.  We don't get cocky thinking that we don't need others to help us on our climb. If we're grieving we get with others who've grieved before us. If we're depressed we find others who've been up the trail before us.

Third,we admit that we too are capable of falling during this climb - morally, spiritually, emotionally or yes even physically. But our admission of that possibility keeps us thinking clearly and avoiding unnecessary chances that could be destructive and harmful.

So, whatever you're climbing during this season remember you're a fall risk, too. That doesn't make you weak, however, just smart!  And more likely to make it to the top!

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