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Monday, December 16, 2013

Sometimes We Do Need To Be Rescued . . .It's OK.

When my wife and I were in Yosemite in September we happened to be driving near El Capitan on our way out of the park one afternoon. Seeing all sorts of cars parked along the side of the road and scores of people focused on the cliff, we stopped hoping to get a chance to watch some climbers climb or so we thought.

However, as we began to talk to people they explained that a rescue of an injured climber was in progress. And with some binoculars and my wife's telephoto lens we were able to hone in on the scene.

The rescue team was some fifteen hundred feet up starting to belay a guy down on a stretcher who had broken his arm. This was no small rescue either. To bring someone down they have to helicopter a three thousand foot, thirteen mm rope to the top and then belay from there. But I'll bet that climber was thankful for their efforts.

When we're in crisis or on a difficult life climb we too may need rescue. Ideally it is not because we were foolish or not careful. But there should be no shame in requiring the help of others. What might we need rescue for?

We may need rescue from our fears. Life's challenges, especially illnesses and injury, can cause our fear factor to go sky high. Therefore, we may need the help of someone who's been up this mountain before to help calm our fears. We might be wise to get some spiritual guidance and counseling. It's OK to be rescuing.

We may need rescue from unhelpful people. Many people mean well but do harm. They throw out easy answers, won't be quiet or leave us alone. They often want us to heal or get better the same way they did or they might not have a clue but want to tell us how to make it anyway.  We need someone who can help us figure out how to respond kindly, but firmly. Or they can run some interference for us.

We may need rescue from everyday challenges. We can face financial, social, work and family problems when we're climbing our mountain. Everything gets harder when life is hard. Don't be afraid to ask for help from others, your church, a local group, a support group or whoever. Sometimes we forget that others have more resources than we do just because they aren't going through our challenges. And someday you may be in their position to help them.

We may need rescue from wrong thinking. Struggle and hardship can cause us to do all sorts of dumb things we would never do otherwise. We will sometimes do anything to lessen the pain. Have someone in your life who can speak truth to you without wavering. Get connected to God again or more closely and let Him remind you what is really the truth. Jesus said, "The truth will make you free."

So if you need to be rescued, don't hide. Let the search party do their job. You need to go on. They can help. Just don't do it by yourself.

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