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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Don't Park Where You Don't Belong

Have you seen those parking spaces labeled, For compact cars only? The problem is there are almost always large sized cars parked there. People see a space so they fill it.
The problem is the car doesn't fit and it keeps other people from parking safely.

In the same way, we can sometimes grab the first spot we see in life thinking that it's a good place to be and it's not. Our circumstances and situation don't fit and as a result we're miserable.

For example, others tell us it's time to move forward so we believe them and think we should be able to do what they tell us. Or others tell us we're going too fast so we slow down when we're actually ready to make some progress. You see their idea of a parking spot isn't necessarily what will work for us.

Or, someone else handles their grief or depression or loss a particular way so we just blindly follow their lead. That is usually a disaster. Our road and journey are unique and while we can learn from others we dare not try to simply imitate them.

Our car doesn't fit their space!

So, as you climb your personal mountain remember that your way of scaling it can and must be unique. You never need to do things the way other do or park your car in their space. It usually won't work but it's OK. Be yourself even during the challenging times of life. It will make your climb that much easier.

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